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It's so easy to make your Vietnamese coffee!

What you need:

15g ground coffee

25g condensed milk

20ml boiling water

another 100-120ml boiling water

Ice (optional)


1) Put ground Vietnamese coffee in phin filter then secure the stopper on top of the coffee. Screw it in gently if it applicable.

2) Pour 25g of condensed milk in a cup.

3) Place phin filter with coffee inside on top of the cup with condensed milk in it.

4) Pour 20ml of boiling water into the filter and wait 25-30s.

5) Pour 100-120ml of boiling water into the phin filter and let all the water drip into the cup. Stir the coffee and condensed milk. Drink as is for a nice hot coffee or pour over ice for a refreshing, energizing treat.

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