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Learn more about CRW Orient Coffee and enjoy our 100% authentic Vietnamese coffee! The company is also launching its website and ways you can order CRW products that will surely be your morning go-to!

For only 18 CAD, you get 3pcs Coco Deep Fried Chicken and our Vietnamese coffee! You will also be one of the first to get a 150g sample of our 100% Vietnamese beans you can brew on your own! Our other unique Vietnamese blends will also be available for purchase.

See you on July 27 and 28 (Saturday and Sunday) at Coco Deep Fried Chicken (12620 132 Ave NW Edmonton).

Come any time between 1:00 - 5:00 PM! Spread the word! :)

Available Coco Deep Fried Chicken flavors to choose from: Crispy, Sweet N Hot, Soy Garlic, Honey Butter, Snow Cheese, and Green Onion - visit their website at

Find CRW Orient Coffee on Facebook and Instagram!

Click the link below to get tickets via Eventbrite!

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