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viet-style coffee

Grind size: Fine, a bit larger than table salt

Coffee: 15 g

Condensed Milk: 30 g/ ~2 tbsp

Bloom: 15-20 g boiling water

Brew: 100 g boiling water

  1. 30 g condensed milk into 8 oz cup

  2. Phin filter on top of the cup

  3. Grinds into Phin, shake/ tap gently to level grounds

  4. Place stopper and press grinds gently.

  5. Pour 15-20g boiling water in the Phin.

  6. Wait 25-45 seconds or until popping/ crackling slows down.

  7. Pour 100 g boiling water into Phin.

  8. Once the filter is finished dripping, mix and serve hot, or over ice.

DSC02411 (1).jpg

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